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Application For Credit

To apply for credit with Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Company, please fill out this credit application and click 'Submit Application'. Your information will be securely sent to our Accounts Receivable Department for processing. The average processing time is 24 hours, however if you have any questions about your application before you hear from us, please call 401-737-9330.

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The above information is submitted for the purposes of obtaining credit. By submitting this form, you are stating that you are authorized to make such inquiries as are necessary to obtain credit information and authorize my bank, suppliers, and credit references to release information regarding my account(s).

I / We certify that everything stated on this application is true and correct to the best of my / our knowledge.

Interest shall accrue at the maximum lawful rate for all unpaid invoices from the due dates thereof. Applicant agrees to pay, in addition to such interest amounts, all collection fees, attorney fees, and court costs incurred by Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Co.. Applicant agrees that venue and jurisdiction for any such action shall be in Warwick, RI, the principal place of business of Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Co. In no way shall the party signing above on behalf of the Applicant be personally guaranteeing any amounts owed by Applicant.