Our Commitment

Millard Wire & Specialty Strip Company is a custom manufacturer and distributor of copper base alloy products such as brass, bronze, nickel, Monel and nickel silver strip & wire in coils, reels, spools and cut lengths (flat stock). Our Wire and Industrial Strip products meet or exceed ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Commitment & Quality…

… isn’t solely about meeting the specifications – quality is providing a product that’s right for the customer’s specific application. At Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Co., we provide quality by stepping outside traditional marketing roles for more specialized customer/supplier partnerships. Since 1942, this family-owned business has built our reputation on being more responsive to small volume needs, more flexible in meeting unique requirements, and more innovative in developing alloys to fit unusual customer specifications. Today, Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Co. is the largest U.S. supplier of the hard-to-find, in-between gauges and tempers of brass, bronze, copper, and nickel silver strips. Our strip processing and slitting procedures have been streamlined to service smaller orders efficiently. Millard is ready, willing and able to satisfy ever-increasing customer requirements for specialty rolled alloys. At Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Co. we strive to work closely with our partner customers to offer solutions and prevent problems, not just sell metal.


The heart of our Quality System is the in-house State-of-the-art Instron Tensile Testing, Laser Micrometers, OHM meters and 100% in-process and finished product inspection. Quality is an important part of our pursuit of Zero Defects. Millard Wire and Specialty Strip Co. retains a serious commitment to continuous improvement through “Lean Manufacturing”, while satisfying every clients requirements.


Millard offers experienced personnel to assist you in executing your order. These requirements are then confirmed for your approval so “We do it right the first time”. Quick efficient service is just one of the many initiatives that keep Millard a leader in providing strip and wire globally.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality attainable and meet delivery commitments at fair market pricing for all our products.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcome the opportunity to quote your next project.