Wire Products

To view the details of any of our products, please download the respective specification sheet.

Document Description Specification Sheet
Millard Wire Brochure Summary of Millard Wire Products
2% Silver Plated Copper 2% SPC – CDA110 Copper 99.9%
5% Silver Plated Copper 5% SPC – CDA110 Copper 99.9% with % by weight of Silver Plating
8% Nickel Plated Steel Low Carbon 1006 Steel with % by weight 99.5% minimum pure Nickel
C10100 Oxygen-Free Electronic
C10200 Oxygen-Free
C11000 (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) Electrolytic Touch Pitch
C14500 Tellurium-Bearing
C16200 Cadmium Copper
C21000 Gilding, 95%
C22000 Commercial Bronze, 90%
C22600 Jewelry Bronze, 87-1/2%
C23000 Red Brass, 85%
C24000 Low Brass, 80%
C26000 Cartridge Brass, 70%
C27000 Yellow Brass, 65%
C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze
C35300 High Leaded Brass, 62%
C36000 Free-Cutting Brass
C46200 Naval Brass, 63-1/2%
C51000 Phosphor Bronze, 5% A
C52100 Phospher Bronze, 8% C
C54400 Phosphor Bronze B-2
C65100 Low-Silicon Bronze B
C74500 Nickel Silver, 65-10
C75200 Nickel Silver, 65-18
C75700 Nickel Silver, 65-12
C76400 Nickel Silver
Iconel 600 Nickel-Chromium Alloy
Monel 400 Nickel-Copper Alloy
Nickel 200 UNS N02200